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The first insight…beer soon to follow.

      Ever notice how your insights are different at the end of a nice tall, cold pint? A pint is a powerful thing. It can make you say things you never thought you could, would, or should. Beer brings together complete strangers and makes them share their wildest hopes and dreams. You order a pint and are on your way to expanding your family tree. At the end of a pint of beer is freedom.

     My first taste of the nectar of the gods was at age six. My father brewed beer in our garage, I would go down to my father’s beer lair, insert the tap into my pint sized pie hole, and chug away. I had no idea what it was; in our house alcohol was not taboo. I just thought it was something my parents drank and I wanted it too. After my older sister tattled on me, Big John’s brewing days were over. I wouldn’t have another run in with the happy juice until high school (sorry mom)…I wouldn’t excel in my skills until college. Like most people, my beer drinking started out as a smorgasbord of cheap brews that were guaranteed to keep my expenses light and my head heavy. That all changed with a trip to Ireland in my third year, my motherland! The beer was amazing! Every place we went whether it be Dublin, Killarney, or my personal favorite the sea side town of Doolin on the Dingle Peninsula (my favorite pub can be seen as the cover photo of my profile). Musicians would walk in and just begin to play; there was no booking, no organization to it, just music and beer. It was the Irish who taught me that beer was really about community. The courage that is felt at the end of a tall, cold pint is the courage to know and be known. Community, that is where beer becomes insight.

     As a lover of community, friends, family, and all that makes life sweet I hope to bring the joy of beer to anyone who reads this blog. Go forth now, drink new beers and make new friends!


About Insight by the Pint

I am a 23 year old with no filter (original, right?). I love drinking beer and observing and analyzing life. I don't know everything but what I do know I will share.


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