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Whitbier, zeer goed!

Hey all!

I am rejuvenated in life this week after attending the Dave Matthews concert last Saturday. It just reminded me how much joy music can bring to your life if you let it…it also reminded me how much more joy can be had when delicious beers are involved. Since I am still training my IPA pallet I committed to sharing one that I was curious about from the book I have been reading, “The Brewed Awakening”, by Joshua Bernstein. It is a phenomenal book, by the way, full of the technicalities of brewing as well as some great suggestions for sampling beer. The IPA was good but I was even happier when I broke the seal on the seasonal beer from Flying Dog. With one sip I was instantly happy to have an unfiltered wheat beer on an unfiltered, beautiful day. Naturally I had to try the beer again when I could really focus on it for the purposes of this blog, poor me, so I am having it again this time at my kitchen table.

Upon pouring the beer, you can see its predictable wheat beer characteristics. The head is heavy and thick, the sediments are visible in this cloudy, light colored beer, and after the head settles some of the sediment is even woven within the foam on the surface. With every sip the sediment is stirred again; don’t let this deter you from sampling a light and friendly beer. The hallertauer hops provides a “mild and agreeable” scent as promised. The carbonation is strong yet not overpowering making this beer very refreshing and perfect for a hot summer day. Some people like to add an extra helping of citrus to this kind of beer for an even more refreshing effect although, it is not necessary for Woody Creek beer and it actually kills the head retention. I found this beer to be very even-tempered. I kept waiting for a bite of citrus but this flavor is smooth and mild. There is a slight after taste but it is pleasant and gives you that lasting flavor that a lot of lighter beers leave out.

Flying Dog is a great brewery based in Frederick, Maryland; any brewery whose motto is, “Good people drink good beer” is alright by me. The Woody Creek Belgian White is Flying Dog’s seasonal brew for summer. This beer is a traditional Belgium Witbier, Wit is Dutch for white and sounds similar to wheat thus Witbier = Wheat Beer. Wheat beers in general have a full mouth feel and a thick heavy head. As you will see in the ingredients notes below a large amount of this beer is wheat based…which one could imply from the name. This wheat beer is almost the polar opposite from last week’s IPA (IBU 75) with an IBU of 17. This means that the lager lovers who may have felt left out or offended last week will most likely find this style of beer a better fit for them as they branch out from main stream lagers.

  • Slight citrus undertone, characteristic of Belgium style wheat beers
  • Wit is Dutch for white, as in the appearance of the beer and sounds very close to wheat

To Pour: These beers are traditionally served in a Pilsner glass, these are generally used with beers in which you wish to retain the head. It also showcases the clarity, color, and carbonation…I used the same glass that I used last time and probably will use from here on out.

ABV: 4.8%

IBU: 17


  • German Hallertauer: Mild, agreeable


  • Belgium Pilsner: very light-colored, highly-modified malt with excellent glucan and protein levels.
  • Unmalted Wheat: used in authentic Belgium…mostly WIT! And Lambics
  • Oats: creates a silky, creamy brew with full bodied flavor
  • Malted White Wheat: used as a base malt in wheat beers. Improves head retention, used with wheat flakes (see below) in Wit beer
  • Flaked Wheat: Increase head retention and body
  • Flaked Oats: Silky mouth feel and head retention

Yeast: Drives about 90% of the beers flavor profile. Each strain provides a different flavor profile; breweries often create their own characteristic yeast strains…like Flying Dog did with El Diablo.

  • El Diablo: A Belgium Yeast result is huge herbal and pine hop flavor that’s beautifully balanced with funky citrus notes from the yeast
    • This is the description for El Diablo’s role in the Raging Bitch, there were no notes on its role in Woody Creek.

Woody Creek Belgium White brewed by Flying Dog in Frederick, MD




**If you are curious for food pairings please email me amanda.kellar.m@gmail.com I have a foodie sister who would be more than happy to lend a helping hand!


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