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(Not so) Badass American Lager

     If you read last week’s blog you will be happy to know that I have arrived in Michigan alive…although a little unstable…three days in a car with family will do that to you. It did inspire me however, to compare this trip and means of travel to others I have taken. Ever since I … Continue reading

Two Breweries Are Better Than One

I am on a road trip. Not with my girlfriends, or a boyfriend, or just me and my dog. No, it’s me, my dog (+2 other dogs), my grandma, my mom, and my sister….oh yea, full car. We didn’t start packing until the day before, yet remained unstressed. The reason is simple…we decided not to … Continue reading

A Taste of Home

     I stood on the cliffs and let the wind hit my face, ever thankful that there was a stone wall centuries old for me to stand behind. I had never felt so free in my life. I wore my dark green corduroy pants and my sky blue raincoat: stylish I know, my sister … Continue reading

The Thriller of Vanilla

     I learned recently that people use the word “vanilla” as a slang term for not being great in the sack, so naturally I looked it up in the dictionary. Vanilla (adj): plain or dull; lacking outstanding or interesting characteristics. This made me think of a few things that I find to be “vanilla”: … Continue reading

I am in Summer Love with this Ale

     I’m not going to lie to you people. After all, you take time out of your days to read these words of mine. Therefore they should be full of truth…or at least laced with it. I’m lying in bed right now. About five minutes ago I had an “oh shit” moment that I … Continue reading