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(Not so) Badass American Lager

     If you read last week’s blog you will be happy to know that I have arrived in Michigan alive…although a little unstable…three days in a car with family will do that to you. It did inspire me however, to compare this trip and means of travel to others I have taken. Ever since I moved home from college I have been saying “I just need to go somewhere! I don’t even care where I go!” and funny enough I found this great quote about travel from Robert Louis Stevenson, “I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” I couldn’t have said it better myself, and while the ultimate goal is to move, I think I would prefer to do so on a plane rather than in a car. I have been making this three-day trek since I was two, so you would think that I would be used to it. This is one of those trips where the destination is everything, it is what gets you through the crappy drive thru food, the over played discussions between your old school grandmother, and the arguments with your sibling over who is touching who…my sister is 24 and I am 22, we still have this fight. This place is one of the most beautiful I have ever been. In my twenty years of visiting this same location it has shown me that nature is worth romanticizing about and family is worth fighting with. When my sister and I were 17 and 19 we relished in coming up here and being allowed to have a beer by the fire, now as we are both over 21 you would think that sitting around the bonfire and having a brew would have lost its excitement…well it hasn’t. This blo g especially has given me the encouragement to try new beers when part of me just wants to settle for old reliable. I will be drinking only local beers while I am up here (Michigan brewed that is) and look forward to giving you my opinion and suggestions along with the hope that you will someday make the journey to the great North to sample it for yourself.

     In researching Badass Lager I found out that they were actually just evicted from their property…so brewing is at a standstill for them right now. They have a new location that they are moving to and will begin brewing again very soon. Badass is an appropriate name because well, this is Michigan native rocker Kid Rock’s brewing company. It started as a hobby, but in 2009 Kid Rock brought on master brewer Bob Mason to help grow the beers production. The malt barely used in this beer is harvested from the Midwest (shout out to my college friends) and the red wheat is from Michigan. There are hundreds of varieties of malt and no global system to sort them all. However, the grain can be broken down into two categories; *base malts and *specialty malts. The malts in the Badass beer are base malts, they are typically lighter colored. Badass is an American Pale Lager which means that it is a lager brewed without cereal adjuncts, mainly rice or corn. It tends to display broader depths of malt flavor and more complex bitterness. The beer was being brewed in partnership with Michigan Brewing Co. just outside of Lansing, MI however, due to financial issues Badass severed ties and is looking for a new home.

     Reviews that I have read about this beer vary greatly, some people rave about it (usually Michigan natives) and others find it to be unimpressive. I’m anticipating that it will be a typical lager, but I would be lying if I said that I picked this beer for anything other than its name/ labeling. I chose to buy one big bottle but there are six packs available for under $8.00. The best way to describe this beer is “Eh” it is has the clarity of natty light…I’m not kidding. Luckily it doesn’t taste like it, in fact I would relate it to a less favorable Bud Light, which if you are a drinker of Bud Light you will know that it is not jam packed with flavor. The carbonation is pretty good; I could see drinking this in replacement of water. The aroma is a faint, stale, citrusy smell. If you wanted to be generous you could call it slightly earthy. The initial taste is stale and the after taste is non-existent. I would not buy this beer again, and I will definitely not be choosing the next beer for its name. As I get to the bottom of my glass the flavor is getting a little stronger but it’s still not something I will be purchasing again, it is not surprising to me that they fell on financial hard times and I cannot see this beer branching out past its loyal Michigan drinkers…as of now it is not being brewed anymore even for them. I try to bring you beers worth trying but I have to honestly say if your travels bring you to Michigan, do not drink it. Spend your money on some Moosetracks ice cream instead.

I give this beer 1 out of 5 pints. I hope where ever your journeys take you in the coming months whether it is for business or pleasure that you find comfort and satisfaction in a new and exciting pint.

To Pour: This beer type is served in a Pilsner glass and should be served cold…as most lagers are.


ABV: 4.2%

*Base Malts: Provide most of the proteins, fermentable sugars, and minerals required to create beer.

*Specialty Malts: Can help retention, increase body, and add color, aroma, and flavor.



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One thought on “(Not so) Badass American Lager

  1. Average beer but it has such a great name that you can’t help but drink them on a night out!

    Posted by thebrianhealy | August 29, 2012, 11:20 am

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