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Stop Over in Louisville

This week I am once again traveling via painful road trip…you would think practice makes perfect, right? But alas it does not. While I do not have one specific beer for you, I am in the Louisville, Kentucky area for a blink of an eye and found this great little gem of a brewery downtown. It’s called, Against the Grain. Which I have to admit is a rather clever name. My sister tipped me off about it as she and my parents went there on their way to my graduation. I was lucky enough to meet up with two friends of mine from my college there and sample the local spoil. What’s cool about this place is that they never brew the same beer twice…letting that sink in…and moving on. It’s a very interesting concept and for the most part they pull it off well. They have a large blackboard that lists 6 beer “themes” as well as the name, all of which are pretty inventive themselves, and finally the style of that beer. Their themes are; hop, smoke, dark, malt, session, and whim. The ABVs range from a child could drink this to big boy hoss could only throw down a few of those bad boys. I wanted to try them all so naturally I got the sampler which was only $7.00. Some of them I liked some of them I’ve had better but for a brewery that never brews the same beer twice, I was impressed. I’m a big believer that how good of a time you have is not decided by the atmosphere, but in the company you keep…not that good atmosphere doesn’t help. It was obviously a Tuesday night, but Against the Grain is right next to the river in downtown Louisville, they have a great outdoor patio and the music selection was eclectic. Their staff was friendly and more importantly knowledgeable about the beer which is always a nice turn of surprise. If you live in the Louisville area or find yourself passing through give this place a shot, I know I’ll be coming here again. Until next week, cheers!




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