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I am a 23 year old with no filter (original, right?). I love drinking beer and observing and analyzing life. I don't know everything but what I do know I will share.
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Are the Silver Linings Enough?

I recently had an interesting experience. Five months ago when I started losing weight it wasn’t because I wanted to look good for the opposite sex (don’t get me wrong it’s a perk). I quit my job and started losing weight because I want to be a police officer, everyone who knows me has always … Continue reading

Moving, what a pain in the arse.

Hello all! I am getting ready to embark on a new life adventure. My highly anticipated move BACK to Indiana is now one week away. I’ve “moved” back and forth from Florida to Indiana for four years because of college. I thought I knew what I was getting myself into…I was wrong! Moving across the … Continue reading

Well this is awkward…

So that distributing job that I was so keen on about (holy cow) 6 months ago. Yea, I don’t do that anymore…cue awkward silence, maybe throw some crickets in there. I have been neglecting this blog because after I quit my job I threw myself into fitness and thus had to stay away from beer … Continue reading

My Absence Explained & Cigar City Patio Pils

Before I get started on the beer I think those of you who read this monstrosity on a weekly basis have proved loyal enough to learn some more about me, lucky you! I originally started doing this because after applying to an embarrassing amount of brewery jobs I may (or may not) have been qualified … Continue reading

Happy Halloween from Insight by the Pint!

I’m coming to you a little later than usual (one day to be exact). I’m not going to lie. I was busy carving pumpkins, hand crafting a ghost that comes down from the power line, and listen to the Halloween station on Pandora…tis the season, right? I hope that you all had an enjoyable Halloween … Continue reading

Pensive with a Pumpkin Ale

Harold Kushner said, “I like to think of life as a good book. The further you get into it, the more it makes sense.” Sometimes I wish I could skip a few chapters in life, or read some later chapters. I think we can all agree that sometimes we feel unsettled for one reason or … Continue reading

Life with a side of Jai Alai IPA

     I promised in my first post that this blog would contain beer as well as some thoughts of mine on random things. While I hope the beer information has been interesting and helped you make better beverage choices, I think I may have been slacking on the random thoughts part. I think when our … Continue reading

Shout Out to the Milk Stout

It’s 5:45 pm, I left the house early…but not too early. I am dressed for success but not overly so, if you haven’t guessed it yet I am going to a job interview. The location is Fat Cats, it’s a local beer bar…a gem in my opinion considering that Fort Lauderdale is behind the curve … Continue reading

Far from common: Sam Adams Octoberfest

     I’m writing to you with a bit of an illness this week, it’s nothing serious but it made me curious of the health benefits of drinking beer. I know that when you have are having mucus issues you really aren’t supposed to drink large quantities because it only makes it worse. I have also … Continue reading

First Punkin of the Seasonal Patch

     The circumstances under which I am trying today’s beer are perfection. I am tailgating outside of a Florence and the Machine concert in my best hipster gear with some great people. With October less than a week away I couldn’t stand putting off tasting a pumpkin beer any longer! As you may have … Continue reading